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The Best Tools to Elevate Your Makeup

The best thing about makeup is that the possibilities are endless. There are so many different products, techniques, tips and trends for us to explore and enjoy. With that being said, we wanted to spotlight a few goodies that could help you elevate your makeup routine. ISOCLEAN Makeup Brush Cleaner – First things first, all…

Alternative Ways to Manicure

Nails are a great way of expressing yourself. Whether you like a more natural look or prefer to be more out there, there are different ways you can achieve both. Here at KEM, we wanted to make sure you knew alternative ways to manicure. Gel Gel polish will come in a range of colours like…

2016 Makeup; Here’s what’s Making a Comeback

Makeup has been a wild ride since 2016! We have seen trends come and go, but we are about to go full circle as some of the most iconic makeup trends from 2016 may make a comeback this year. We may be about to say goodbye to the natural makeup looks of the last few…

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