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Introduction to Red.

The era of soft glam encourages us to believe it’s all about smooth skin, soft muted gold eyes, and bronzer in the crease. Not making a specific loud statement per se, but everything just looks better and appears cohesive. As a make-up artist, it’s business versus creativity. Soft glam sells; everyone wants it, but I…

Retinol vs. Retinal

Retinol. The chemical compound that’s great for the collective woe that is scars and hyperpigmentation, because of how it encourages the turnover of skin cells. If you’ve managed to treat/minimize your active acne – congratulations!  However, chances are that you are now left with the evidence.  In this instance: retinol could be the next step…

Your New KEM Routine

The first step in taking care of your skin properly is aiming to create a personalised and effective routine. Consider the products that are currently in your rotation; do you have targeted products? Do you have products that are deeply hydrating and leave your skin feeling replenished and refreshed? Are you still using it just…

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