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Latest from the Blog

Oily Skin Saviours

People tend to demonize oily skin and try everything under the sun to mattify their faces and control oil production. Oily skin actually helps preserve the skin and prevent wrinkles as the skin is kept moisturised and smoother, we tend to lose the ability to retain moisture as we age, so oily skin babe have…

POV: All You Need Is Blush This Summer

In the summertime, we tend to spend more time outside which means that we want ourmakeup looks to last equally as long right? That being said, we want to provide someoptions to those who prefer an airy, minimal makeup look and especially for those jam-packed days or humid summer nights. Blush may have been presumed…

Team KEM’s Empties – KEM Skin Edition

Do you have those products that constantly find their way back onto your skincare shelf come rain or shine? Products that you know your skin loves and simply cannot do without? Well, here we have a sneak peek into our skin and body care shelf empties if you need some inspiration on what to add…

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