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Fruit Enzymes vs Fruit Acids

Fruit acids – a member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family (AHAs) that derive directly from fruits. They are well known for their dynamic ability to exfoliate the skin. Fruit acids make up some of the most popular and common acids used in skincare today so we’re sure names like citric acid and malic acid ring…

Rest: A Form of Self-Care.

The end of the working year can often leave us on the edge of burnout. Whether you’re coming up to the busy Christmas period at work, mid-year exams or planning an elaborate Christmas Day with the whole family, we can all agree that prioritising self-care is essential. Just when you’re about to lose control of…

Hena J. Bryan: A Bookish Life

“Literature helped me find myself. Somewhere. If not in the world, then just somewhere in literature.” Hena. A self-proclaimed, proud Bookish Babe, a style icon and a beauty enthusiast. Her love of literature, reading and storytelling has seen her through all the phases of her life, both joyous and complex. As a black woman, born…

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