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The Best Braid Colour Mixes

The Best Braid Colour Mixes

The evenings are getting brighter, which means one thing – Summertime is upon us. Whether you are someone who likes to plan your hairstyles in advance, are after low-maintenance looks or are searching for your next getaway style – we have inspiration for you!

Some advantages of having braids are that they help with length retention, are more manageable and of course, have you out the door quicker in the morning due to their relative low maintenance. However, we understand that some people may feel slightly hesitant for various reasons and that’s ok. We are going to give you some recommendations, tips and tricks.

If the amount of time that sitting down to get your hair braided takes is deterring you, then we suggest opting for larger-sized braids. They may not last as long as smaller-sized braids, but the braiding process is a lot faster. Or, as we see the revival of the braided bob, why not try shoulder-length braids? Their shorter length means they only take roughly 3 – 5 hours.

Maybe you live in an area where there aren’t many braiding specialists or you’d prefer to save money – in this case, why not try D.I.Y? If this will be your first time
attempting to do it yourself then Youtuber, Amber Renee, has a great video on jumbo knotless braids. There are also plenty of tutorials on TikTok demonstrating How-To’s on styles from invisible locs, bohemian and peekaboo braids, to French curl and Fulani. Just search #BraidsOnTiktok and see for yourself!

Some of the tips to speed up the process could be parting your hair into sections prior to installing it or even purchasing a braiding rack. We also understand that even though braids may be easier to maintain in comparison to other styles, the front of the hair will need to be refreshed if you plan to keep it longer than 4 weeks. In this case, we recommend investing in a foaming mousse of your choice to keep braids fresh and free from tangles (if you decide to go for boho braids). Or if you would prefer to completely redo them, then why not try a braiding gel-like ‘Shine ’n Jam MagicFingers’ or a more affordable alternative such as ‘EBIN Lock’n Pomade Braid Formula’. Gone are the days when people are willing to spend sunset to sunrise in the salon chair.. so give it a go!

The beauty of having braids is that there are no rules to experimenting with colour. Use Pinterest to do a quick search for inspiration and you’re bound to see peekaboo braids (this is where a small area of the plaits are in a contrasting colour to the rest of the hair). People usually do this style with box braids and in the colour combo black (1B) and blonde (613), but we say change it up and try this with invisible locs instead.

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Another braid mix is the Xpressions colours 8 and 27 and this should give you a “bronde” look. A similar look can also be achieved using packs of “Golden Hour” by hairstylist@TheHeaddress on Instagram. But one thing is for sure, no matter the skin tone, this combination looks great on absolutely everyone.

Perhaps you have already tried the above, well it’s time to be even more bold. We suggest trying the colour brown (6) with hints of pink. Buy 3 packs of brown and 1 pack of pink to get this look.

We would love to see your phenomenal looks, tag us at @shopkem on Instagram if this post gave you the inspiration to venture out of your comfort zone!

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