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Initiating (Adult) Friendships

Initiating (Adult) Friendships

Making friends as an adult can be challenging. A lot of us as adults work from home, may not want to mingle with colleagues too tough and perhaps have lost some social skills since the pandemic. So here is some advice to get your social life back up and running

You have to put yourself out there! Playing it cool or staying out of the way won’t change the situation. It might feel weird and embarrassing at first, but the thing is you just never know what may come of it.

Try not to have the same expectations you did of a school or university friendship. If we think about it, we were able to get super close because we spent years together with little to no extra obligations such as work and kids. You’ll have to put that extra effort into making time and aligning schedules and bear with each other not being as available as you may like.

Host a dinner or event, whether it be at your place or at a venue/restaurant etc. Having something to bond over whilst talking will make things less awkward. Everyone can get involved and take turns cooking, planning a game or choosing an activity/restaurant.

Consider joining a club or group that aligns with your interests, such as a sports team, book club, or volunteering group. This way, you’ll meet people who share your passions and have a built-in conversation starter.

Attend social events in your community, such as festivals, fairs, and concerts. These events can provide opportunities to meet new people in a fun and relaxed setting.

Reach out to old acquaintances: Don’t be afraid to reach out to old acquaintances or friends from your past. You never know, they might be looking for new friends too.

There are several apps and websites that can help you meet new people, such as Bumble BFF. These apps can connect you with like-minded individuals in your area.

It’s new and it’s different but remember to be open-minded and approachable when meeting new people. Smile, make eye contact, and show interest in what they have to say. Ask questions and listen actively to show that you care. Making friends takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to find your tribe. Keep putting yourself out there and eventually, you’ll find people who you connect with.

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