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Got Friends?

Got Friends?

Meeting new people was (generally) so much easier when we were younger. Now, people find it increasingly difficult to make friends outside of work or outside of their current friendship group, especially if they’ve moved to a new environment. Being part of a small community, or putting yourself amongst people who share the same interests as you is a sure way of maintaining balance and fun in your life! Here are a few ways you could meet new people.

Day Parties are a great way to meet new people in London. Usually hosted during the summer, day parties take place from mid-afternoon till late at an outdoor venue. The dress code is typically casual making it perfect to chill, dance and meet people in a fun environment.

We used to meet people at after-school clubs, and we can still do the same as adults. Join a sports club or a fitness class to open yourself up to more people in your local area. You don’t need to be passionate about a sport, this is just a great way to meet people and get your body moving.

Try out new activities such as pottery making, cooking classes, photography classes; or anything you might have wanted to try. Now is a perfect time. You’ll meet people from all walks of life, and you won’t need to worry as you’ll all be new to the activity and each other.

If you’re feeling brave enough, go to an event alone. This might encourage you to talk to new people instead of standing around on your own. Talking about the event, you’re at is a great starting point and can lead to more conversations. Asking questions is a useful way to get to know someone and get the conversation flowing.

Apps! Apps like Bumble BFF allow you to meet and chat with new people before committing to seeing them in person. It’s essentially dating for friends. Meetup is another app or website you can use. People set up groups or events based on their interests and others join to discuss and meet up. You could join groups about anything ranging from work-related passions to favourite sports teams and groups just related to going out. There are even groups called ‘Meet New People.’

Whatever way you choose to meet new people, remember putting yourself out there is the first and boldest step. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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