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Solo Travel Top Tips!

Solo Travel Top Tips!

Solo travel season has just blossomed, it’s time to book your annual leave and explore the world! We all know group holidays can be a headache to organise, you may have different schedules and budgets, so sometimes it is better to travel solo instead of waiting for the “perfect time” which actually doesn’t exist, make now the perfect time. Here are some gems and essentials for solo travel!

Consider buying some tracking devices such as Apple AirTags or Galaxy SmartTags to locate your luggage and belongings whilst in transit. They are small enough to be attached to keys, pet collars, and wallets and to be kept on your person in case you need another trusted person to know where you are. They are battery-powered and are estimated to last up to a year before the battery needs to be changed. This gem can level up your security whilst away from home by yourself.

It goes without saying that you should research the area you will be staying and travelling in before you choose your destination. Here is a checklist to look up:

– Local things to do

– Where to eat

– Transport/taxi services

– Trusted tourist reviews

– Local crime rate

– The Law of the area/country

– If the area is notoriously racist

I believe thinking about these things will put your mind at ease rather than on edge. You have fully researched to your best ability and chosen somewhere to go so that you can handle yourself without relying on others too much. A few of these may be quite daunting topics to approach, but you’ll thank yourself for being clued up later!

Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable on holiday let alone when travelling solo, so in this section, we can discuss some safety precautions you can take to improve the quality of your trip and help you actually focus on having a great time!

1. Stay in a hotel

Hotels are more secure than villas, apartments and Airbnb. You can book activities through your hotel for one, as a result, they have on record when and where you are. You can also expect a certain level of cleanliness and comfort in a hotel as opposed to other options. Hotels have trained staff, surveillance systems, security guards, emergency response plans, and connections with local law enforcement to ensure your safety. Furthermore, they are great places to meet like-minded people and friendly connections in the area!

2. Be aware of clothing customs

In stricter or heavily religious countries, there most likely are laws and implicit cultural customs on how to dress. The last thing you want to do is pack a suitcase of your best outfits and not be able to wear any. Respect the culture and enjoy your trip without looking over your shoulder or even getting arrested! Usually, there are areas and facilities for tourists to dress how they like, so again, make sure you do your research.

3. Power bank and SIM card central!

Always keep a fully charged power bank on you and find out from your mobile network if you can add on an international roaming package for your time away. Things happen and it is imperative you can make calls in an emergency locally or back home. You also may not have the luxury of WiFi when you leave your hotel and need to use internet data to book a cab or get directions. It may be cheaper to get a local SIM card and use WhatsApp to call home, as that only require internet.

Being thorough when travelling solo only makes your holiday more enjoyable, you will have less anxiety and worry when you have thought everything out. Run your plans by someone trusted at home to ensure you haven’t missed anything. In your research, you probably will find online groups of other solo travellers who can give advice or might be travelling at the same time as you, if you feel safe doing so, you could organise to meet-up or just to take each other’s contact details. Happy travelling, I wish you all the best on your adventures.

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