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Spring Clean Forget-me-nots

Spring Clean Forget-me-nots

A Spring clean is a perfect way to reset after Winter and prepare for your Summer wardrobe and essentials around the house that complements the weather more. Clearing out your space and decluttering your home helps declutter your mind as sometimes we hold onto items that carry emotional baggage or memories and forget to clean certain areas that we do not think about or completely forget. We’ll discuss tips and hacks for you to incorporate into your cleaning.

1) Throw away expired makeup and skincare

This could be one of the reasons you feel like you have so much but so little! Go through your makeup draws, and skincare shelves, find what has expired and what you no longer use and bin them. Try not to hold onto anything for the sake of “in case”, making space will help you narrow down your staple products and feel less guilt for buying new things.

2) Dust your ceiling fan and blinds

These areas accumulate dust a lot, especially during winter when the windows aren’t open often. Experts say to grab the following: a microfibre cloth, hoover, a container of warm water, and dishwashing liquid. Starting from the top to the bottom of the blinds, wipe down with a cloth damp with soap and water solution. For a fan or out-of-reach areas, use a hoover!

3) Swap out darker/black-out curtains for lighter ones

Welcome in the sunlight and brighten up your home. It’s great for your mental health, getting in more Vitamin D never hurt anyone. Lighter curtains keep the space cooler as it gets warmer too. A pop of colour or even a neutral tone will shift the vibe in the room, setting the tone for new beginnings.

4) Clean out the fridge

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It’s easy to forget about old food and drink in the back of the fridge and that lettuce that gets all slimy in the bottom drawer, we’ve all been there. I would definitely set some time aside to go through any expired food in the fridge or freezer then wipe down the shelves and trays thoroughly. Do not forget to bin empty condiment bottles and you may need to chip away some ice in the back!

5) Donate and sell clothes/shoes

It is super hard to part with our belongings, especially when they carry memories. However, if these items are no longer serving you, whether they don’t fit, were seasonal, or a one-off occasion wear, you may want to consider letting them go. They can find a new home with friends or family, in a charity shop or you could even sell them on sites such as Vinted or Depop!

Pick a day or two when you’ll be able to dedicate your full attention, blast your favourite tunes and grab all the products you’ll need, and get to cleaning. Spring cleaning gives you a fresh start, it’s almost like therapy, you’ll feel a weight lifted because you’ve achieved something and been productive to your own benefit. Feel free to share any of your hacks and tips with us at @shopkem on Instagram and Twitter!

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