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Lucky Girl Syndrome.

Lucky Girl Syndrome.

‘I get everything I want because that’s just the way it is.’… Have you been diagnosed with Lucky Girl Syndrome yet?

Lucky girl syndrome or LGS is the current social media trend that’s roots stem from ‘The Law of assumption’ and “manifestation”. Lucky girls get their heart’s desires by confessing and acting as if they already have what they want. Speaking things into existence! Some TikTokers have shared that often use vision boards, diaries, and notepads alongside daily verbal affirmations

Social media has no doubt a strong influence on how we stay positive. Comfort buzzwords and phrases such as LGS help us cope with life. Social media, specifically TikTok, has shed immense light on theories such as ‘Law of assumption/attraction’. Not only are these philosophies broken down for us to understand, but put on display to see the practical use and documented evidence of the effects. Many women have said just from believing they are lucky, wealthy, happy, and whole, their lives have completely changed.

In the 90s/2000s tabloids, a lot more focus was on what you do not have and how much work had to be put in to reach a goal, such as getting into a relationship. Presently, we are taking ownership of our own destinies by being intentional, not being dictated to about what we should want, but also in agreement with the nuance that what will be will be.

The LGS trend seems to be focused a lot more on self-development, fulfilment and money which makes sense as everyone seems to want to be some form of “It girl”, which nowadays is less about men and about female empowerment, “soft life, and overall material aesthetics.

Everyone can manifest in front of a mirror, but will everyone become a lucky girl? It’s widely thought that being ungrateful for what you have causes you to operate at a low vibrational state and therefore, won’t be able to manifest past your current position – essentially blocking your blessings. This can be restricting to those who may come from a background in which they struggle to be grateful. People suffering from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety may find it difficult to see past their current situation or see the good in things around them. Being full of doubt and negative emotions and thoughts would surely drown out any possible luckiness. They might not even feel lucky at all, so the question is, is LGS only for already lucky girls?

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I have looked through the trend on TikTok and failed to find any of the top videos that include women of colour, specifically black women. Now, is this due to the biased algorithm working against POC or is this a trend that excludes certain demographics? I think both. You have to be lucky enough to be visible in the first place to then share your story about how great your affirmation journey is going. Wait, but how lucky can you feel if despite professing how rich you are, there are genuine systems in place that hinder your progression in life no matter how positive or negative you are?

Ultimately, we are here for all things positive and taking your future into your own hands. The LGS trend is refreshing amongst the many toxic ones on social media. I definitely encourage you to incorporate positive affirmations and vision boards into your life. However, do not add this to a list of chores to do to become what other people deem successful, tailor what being a lucky girl means to you.

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