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Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty!

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty!

At KEM we like to believe that we have mastered the art of giving back to our Kemmunity and customers. Why? Well, the ‘why’ is the bedrock of our loyalty scheme. To give you more. We are constantly trying to find innovative ways so that we keep our promise to you, and to ourselves, to be better. We value your loyalty to us, take your reliance upon us for your personal care seriously, and want to say ‘thank you’ in a way that is tangible and benefits you.

Our upgraded scheme makes things personal. For every single order you make, you will get a percentage off with a unique code that only works for you and it’s only associated with your email address. This means every KEM order you make can be discounted or put towards future discounts! And that’s on Lifetime Discounts!


Our tiered rewards system for KEM loyalty allows you to earn whilst you spend and unlock rewards.

We have upgraded our loyalty scheme so that no matter what you purchase, much or few, you get something out of shopping with us, each time you shop. Even better; you don’t just earn points from purchases! You can also earn points by following us on our social media (@shopkem), and leaving reviews and also referrals. All of these points work together so that you get money off, even if it’s just by engaging with us.


To be part of our loyalty programme you need to:

1.  Create an account on the Shop KEM website
2. Log into your loyalty portal

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If you’re a returning customer, you’ve missed out on a lot… But all is not lost! All you need to do is log in using the email that you usually check out with, create an account with that email and we’re back on track! Don’t forget to log in to your loyalty portal to track your points and rewards.

The key to getting more is earning points! The more points you collect, the more you receive. Our pro tip is to keep an eye out across all of our social media to see when we have special deals going on, campaigns and flash sales. This is so that you’re able to finally purchase those gorgeous lashes you bookmarked, those Lip Glazes you have had your eye on for months or that product you know will get your skin right and back on track.

Trade your reward points for something tangible, or unlock a special coupon at checkout. We’re always updating our rewards, too!

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