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5 Woman-Led Businesses That You Need To Follow

5 Woman-Led Businesses That You Need To Follow

Here at KEM, we are passionate about women thriving and showing up as their best selves, so in light of International Woman’s Day 2023, we are showcasing to you 5 Women-Led businesses that are thriving and taking excellence in their sectors to the next level.

Ama Amo-Agyei – Plantmade

Plantmade is a natural plant-powered hair brand looking to ‘make an actual difference in you and the planet’. Ama founded Plantmade after looking into wellness practices from Africa and Asia to create solutions for herself; she created blends for her friends and family, they saw results and the rest is history. Plantmade products aid with a range of hair issues such as alopecia, balding, thinning, patchy beard and no growth. They even have products for simple issues such as a lack of routine. Plantmade is for ‘everyone, all genders and hair types.’ As the products are handmade, restocking is an important day for Plantmade fans. Once your favourite product is sold out that’s it until the next restock. We would keep an eye out for Soil- Hair/ Beard souffle as appears to be a favourite; reviews state that hair is ‘healthier’ and ‘stronger’. We firmly believe that upon the creation of Plantmade, Ama has taken the haircare world by storm and has not slowed down since!

Grace Beverley- TALA and Shreddy

Grace Beverley has been in the fitness industry for years starting with producing fitness content on YouTube; she created TALA, sustainable activewear that not only flatters you but performs well. TALA offers you quality and style for a price that won’t break the bank. Grace has also founded Shreddy which is a female fitness app that lets you fit gym or home workouts around your lifestyle. They also sell gluten-free, dairy-free supplements to help you with your nutritional goals, and on top of that, Shreddy has a range of equipment for home and gym workouts. Customers have said Shreddy protein powders are ‘one of the best vegan powders out there’ and their daily dose powders ‘taste great’!

Olamide Olowe- Topicals

Across the pond, Olamide Olowe is taking the skincare world by storm with her science-backed brand Topicals. Topicals are about ‘changing the way you feel about skin through effective science-backed products and mental health advocacy’. They formulate in partnership with a scientific advisory board to ensure products work effectively. The products are made for every shade and concern. Topicals stand out in the skincare world as it targets chronic conditions such as acne without looking clinical or using clinical language. Yes, it is science-backed but science doesn’t have to be complicated. Topicals donate a percentage of their profit to ‘important mental health movements to raise awareness around the connection between mental health and skin health’ to back their dedication to improving how people see and feel about their skin.

Tendai Moyo & Ugo Agbai – Ruka Hair

Tendai and Ugo’s Ruka Hair puts Black Women at the centre. Ruka Hair is a brand for Black Women by Black Women; they understand the uniqueness and nuances of black hair and styling and aim to help you have versatility and choice so you can love all the things your hair can do. Ruka’s use of responsible materials is currently at 73%, aligning with their ‘Responsibility Game Plan Goals’. Another great goal of Ruka’s is their desire to reduce the ‘Black Woman tax’ paid on products by reducing the price of their products. They hope to get closer to reducing their prices without ‘compromising fair pay to their donors and texture creators- who are often exploited in the hair industry.’ Kinky ponytails are a favourite amongst black women with 4c hair and reviews recommend the Think Kink ponytail as the one to buy. It ‘doesn’t shed’, is ‘soft’ and matches hair texture ‘perfectly’. A recent trailblazing accomplishment of theirs is their new home in the Selfridges beauty hall, a luxury department store in London. It is a phenomenal feat and well-deserved recognition for the magic created at Ruka Hair by Ugo and Tendai.

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Rokeya Khanum- Khanum’s

Khanum’s is a luxury clothing brand founded by Rokeya Khanum in 2018. It started as a one-woman operation that has since evolved into a full in-house team working in London. Khanum’s create pieces that combine ‘traditional craftsmanship, contemporary design and intentional sustainability’. Their pieces are designed to ‘instil a feeling of empowerment within each and every woman’ Rokeya’s respect for craftsmanship came from seeing her Bangladeshi parents work as garment makers and has also led to her passion for ensuring the wellbeing of garment workers. Khanum’s is committed to ensuring its production has a low impact on the environment, in addition, they aim to create a sustainable future by creating pieces that can be worn many times and passed down to future generations.

Innumerable women are breaking barriers and creating opportunities for others and there will be many women to come. Just like the women mentioned, following your passions is worth the risk, and reaps rewards transcending the space and time of the woman who took that first step.

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