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Ranking Different Fitness & Wellness Classes I’ve Experienced

Ranking Different Fitness & Wellness Classes I’ve Experienced

By Lola Alexandra

Everyone and their mum wants to be a soft life babe and yes, I am everyone and their mum because I too have been influenced by the Pilates going, lululemon wearing, matcha drinking, stay-at-home girlfriend lifestyle all thanks to TikTok.

This trend is not for everyone but it has me thinking about what I enjoy in terms of my own fitness and wellness. All my adult life I’ve understood the importance of fitness but finding fun ways to incorporate it into my busy life has always been challenging, especially because I dislike the experience of going to the gym. I simply don’t have the motivation or the understanding to plan a workout or tackle those machines on my own. I personally need an instructor physically pushing me to keep going along with the shame from watching others in the class do more sets than me (honestly some of these Pilates mums are fitter than a 15year old). I admit this might not be the healthiest mindset, but shame works for me every time.

As a result, the last couple of years have opened me up to explore different fitness/wellness classes because I now understand that the best workout to do is the one you enjoy. I’ve tried every class imaginable from the high intensity classes to the calm and focused yoga classes, I have experienced it all. Here are my personal rankings of the different fitness/wellness classes I’ve experienced:

1. Heels and Feels dance class – Heels and Feels is a sexy, empowering form of dancing that combines the intensity of a workout with the grace and sensuality of a dance class. Every time I leave this class I feel strong and feminine at the same time. The fun and challenging choreography allows you to express yourself, break a sweat, and have a great time. Not only does the class provide a high-energy workout, it also helps to boost body confidence and self-esteem.

2. BarreCore – I recently experienced my first BarreCore class and it was an absolute blast! Barre is a unique blend of ballet-inspired movements and Pilates that focus on small, isolated muscle movements to strengthen and tone the entire body. We moved through a sequence that combined isometric movements and light weights to challenge my muscles and make me sweat. It felt like a dance class that put all my muscles to work, even muscle I didn’t know existed. I would highly recommend this type of workout to anyone looking to switch up their fitness routine.

3. Reformers Pilates at Move Your Frame – Being the aspiring soft life queen I am I had to try Pilates just to see what the hype was all about, and I have to say Ms Lori Harvey was right. Attending this low intensity Reformers Pilates class was an amazing experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided clear instructions and demonstrations of the various poses and exercises. The machine adds an element of resistance which has you working even harder. At the end of the class, everyone felt energized and relaxed but don’t let that after feeling deceive you because you will feel the ache the next day.

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4. BoomCycle – BoomCycle is a high-energy spin class with a twist. Unlike traditional spin classes, this unique workout focuses on the music and encourages you to find your rhythm throughout your ride. The 30-45 minute classes are filled with a great selection of music that helps motivate you through the ride. So, if you’re a Beyonce or Arianna fan there’s a class for

everyone. This class is for the music lovers and is the perfect activity to do alone or with your girl friends.

5. 1Rebel – 1Rebel Circuit classes offers a unique and thrilling workout experience that combines the row machine, cycle machine, floor work and weights with benchwork. Each station provides a full body workout helping you burn calories whilst toning your muscles. The music is pumping, and the atmosphere is electric, you’ll be sure to leave feeling energized and ready to take on the world. It’s a fun and effective way to get in shape and challenge your body with a variety of exercises.

6. F45 – F45 Strength Training is a 45-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout class that combines functional movements with cardiovascular and strength exercises. The class is designed to challenge your body, pushing you to your limits in order to help you build strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance. It is not for the faint hearted, however the instructors make it a fun environment and get into the exercises with you to push and encourage you that bit more. I recommend this workout to those who have a competitive nature and enjoy fun but intense workouts.

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