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How to Host the Best Dinner Party

How to Host the Best Dinner Party

The hustle and bustle of life is way too easy to get caught up in. Before we know it, it’s been three months since you have seen your friends and family! We remember to get to work on time, and finish deadlines and, tasks whilst juggling fitness and self-care. The list goes on. But, when do we remember to make time for our loved ones? Let’s dive into how we can make the occasions we do meet up extra special, with no distractions, fully in the moment.

Winter, it’s almost a wrap! Spring is on the horizon and as it gets warmer, our options grow wider, so why not host an indoor dinner party? Intimate and loads of fun, dinner parties are a great way to get together with the people you love in a relaxed, familiar and fun environment.  

Firstly, make a list of who you need to attend and who you want to attend. It can be difficult to mix friendship groups and decide who to invite. For an indoor vibe, you will probably want a close circle; get this finalised two weeks in advance so you can make all the necessary arrangements. Making an accurate and detailed list will save a lot of headaches and make all your plans much more achievable when you can visualise them. You create a cute Pinterest board for inspiration!

Get your invites sent out two weeks before the big day. We recommend Canva as a free app to make great designs to capture a snippet of the day to come. Match your décor to your invites to tie everything together if you have the time to make it an experience from start to finish. For a Spring celebration, consider keeping the colour scheme quite bright and the design minimalistic to reflect the season. 

Here are some decoration ideas listed below that we think will add dimension to the party:

  • ASOS – MAEGEN Spiral Taper Candle 3-Pack – Sage – £10.00

Sage green is the perfect earthy colour without giving off an autumn feel. It’s classic, modern, and relevant! Candles just add depth to any atmosphere and bring a more homely vibe as opposed to artificial light. It’s a warm vibe and a soothing alternative to being stuck under those office lights and computer screens all week!

  • SHEIN – Artificial Flowers – £5.25

We love sustainability and reusing items, so these stunning flowers won’t only be pretty today, but forever!

  • SHEIN – Table runner – £3.25

This sage table runner introduces a bohemian and effortless dynamic to the table and compliments the picnic feel that charcuterie boards and spring bring.

  • Marks & Spencers – 100 Delightful Daffodils & Narcissus – £25

Daffodils are to us, the most British indicator of springtime. Why not bring that lively energy with a burst of yellow to the table?

Now, what’s the location like? Many people choose to host from the comfort of their homes and most of the time, friends will be familiar with the space already. However, if you wanted to get a bit fancier, or if you are mindful of the other people that live in your home, consider renting and splitting the cost of an Airbnb with your people.

A venue with a lot of natural lighting and perhaps and garden or balcony space would suit a Spring theme perfectly.

A week before, be sure that everyone has RSVP’d so that you can organise food accurately. Take into consideration dietary needs and any religious or cultural practices too. Food is one of the best things to bond over, and there is none other than a hearty Charcuterie board with an array of selections as an appetiser.

Here we’ve linked Maegan Brown’s, ‘Beautiful Boards: 50 Amazing Snack Boards for Any Occasion’ from Amazon UK at £13.99. Choose from a plethora of boards to put together for your party and many to come.

For the main meal, if you have a higher-end budget, you can hire the catering services of a private chef such as @STFOODIES on Instagram for a Caribbean touch.

For a mid-range budget, you could have a mix of takeaway or oven foods mixed with homemade dishes too to balance the cost and time spent cooking also.

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Another popular consideration is a bring-and-share where everyone brings a dish for everyone to enjoy, this brings variety and really makes your guests feel like they were part of the process, as well as alleviates the majority of the spending and cooking off you.

Music is just as important as food! Create a relevant, chilled playlist to flow in the background as you enjoy each other’s company. To make it that extra bit fun and immersive for your guests, get them to RSVP with a song they NEED to be played on the day!

Food is going down a treat, music is playing and the only thing missing is a good drink. Whether you drink alcohol or not, everyone wants a good drink, right? Kerry Benson’s, ‘Mocktail Party: 75 Plant-Based, Non-Alcoholic Mocktail Recipes for Every Occasion’ has got you covered for all things mocktail. This handy book caters to anyone who may not want an alcoholic drink, retailing on Amazon at £13.85. 

Select one or two cocktails for the party to not overwhelm yourself, you can’t go wrong with the classics. Perhaps mimosas and strawberry margaritas or mai-tais and long island iced teas? Additionally, have a choice of white or rose wine chilled as an option too. Keep everyone hydrated with water and drink responsibly.

It’s easy to forget the little things, only realising once you really need them. Well, thank goodness you started planning two weeks earlier! Remember to:

  • Stock up on ice
  • Get extra bin bags
  • Charge your speaker for music 
  • Inform your guests about parking/permits and travel
  • Have a bottle opener/corkscrew
  • Get a lighter or matches
  • Condiments
  • Paper or recyclable straws
  • Take a moment for yourself to breathe!

The prelude to summer ball is now rolling. You as a host have created a safe space and environment for your community and tribe. Escapism from life by doing life together is beautiful and is a great way to catch up, support each other, and make memories. So, here are some final touches that can bring the whole evening together:

  • Get the camera out and set up the timer to take group pictures! Too often we never have photos with our besties or only have the odd selfie or video. Create a memory you can print out and show the kids one day.
  • Send your friends home with a small token to remember the day, maybe a polaroid picture of everyone. A note with a personalised message will mean a lot too.
  • Create an Instagram account just for the pictures and videos of the party so everyone can look back on and share in the candid, authentic night.

Following closely these steps and recommendations is bound to have you host one of, if not, the best dinner party. Enjoy!

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