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We Tried FaceGym So You Don’t Have To

We Tried FaceGym So You Don’t Have To

So, what’s all the hype around FaceGym? 

Like many makeup and wellness businesses, FaceGym popped up on the scene, with skinfluencers like Molly Mae raving about their ‘Facial Workouts’ last year. They’ve amassed a whopping 780k followers on Instagram and expanded their business globally. But unlike others, instead of adding a spin to an already well-loved product,  FaceGym has brought a unique concept of ‘facial fitness’ to the market that was eyebrow-raising to most. 

Some background; Inge Theron established the industry-disrupting business in 2014 following a harrowing experience with facial thread lifts whilst struggling to maintain a lifted, toned face despite the natural decline of facial muscles. Gradual descent of muscle tone and thinning skin is natural for all who experience the gift of ageing, but women worldwide turn to invasive cosmetic procedures to maintain the lifted look they desire. Instead, Theron aimed to instil “ultimate skin confidence” by devising an intentional skincare routine focused on working out the facial muscles. We all know the mental and physical health benefits of working out our bodies consistently, so why not apply this to the face? With a concept so simple yet intriguing, we definitely had to give this brand a try!

Where to start with this brand was tricky to navigate as they have a pretty vast range of both products and services. 

Their products come at a premium, from skincare such as the Vitamin C + Bioferment Gel-Cream Moisturiser for £55 to tools such as the bestselling Medi Lift Neck Mask for £375.

But, in line with their branding around working out, they are most known for their ‘Studio Workouts’, which, for those who don’t know,  is just a fancy way of saying ‘facial’. You can book these at one of their 13 studios worldwide, including at Selfridges in London and Manchester.

Ranging from the £55 Express Workout to the £240 Radio Frequency, their 8 facials options utilise radio frequency skin tightening treatment. This sends heat to the facial tissue, triggers healing, and stimulates collagen production; we all know the magic of collagen to improve tightness, firmness, sculpt, lift and contour. 

But the best part is that you don’t need to break the bank to give it a go if you’re not yet convinced. The complimentary 20 minutes Trial-A-Tool mini facial at Selfridges is the perfect little insight into the benefits FaceGym has to offer.

I had no idea what to expect. The thought of awakening over 40 unused facial muscles seemed a little daunting. And we all know the agony of a workout after a long hiatus. So how does it feel to stretch these muscles in a way you’ve never done before? 

I can genuinely say it was one of the most bizarre sensations I’ve experienced.

To prepare for your appointment, cleanse and moisturise your skin with your usual products and arrive bare-faced, ready to put those muscles to work. The tools used aren’t abrasive but involve friction, so we recommend you skip any physical or chemical exfoliant before your appointment to avoid excessive redness once you’re finished. 

Your facialist will begin by applying a cool gel to the skin, which will help the tool glide seamlessly. I tried the Pro EMS Facial Device, an all-over tool, although they do have tools that focus on specific facial sections.

My facialist first assessed my face and identified the areas that needed the most love. I retain a lot of water in my chin area, so we focused on tackling this first. 

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She moved the tool along the contours of my face much like you would use a jade gua sha, but as the little metal balls on the device touch your skin, they cause an involuntary muscle contraction, almost like a spasm. Your face will twitch and create expressions as the tingles ripple across. I will warn you that you may look like you’re in pain, but it’s not painful at all! At the same time, I wouldn’t call it the most relaxing. It’s definitely like a workout; you’re just not doing any of the work.

By the end, I saw a massive lift and added definition in my jawline, cheekbones and browbone; any sign of a double chin was erased entirely. My skin tone also had a youthful glow and was taut and firm.

So down to the big question – is it worth investing in?

Yes and No.

FaceGym’s tools are a game changer for mature skin and those battling water retention. If the tools are used regularly, the results can temporarily mimic that of Botox without all of the associated risks. The price tag is steep for most, so we wouldn’t call it a necessary addition to the skincare drawer, but if you really struggle with muscle tone and feel you will use this regularly, we say, why not? We recommend the FaceGym Pro EMS Facial Device, designed to be used all over your face and gives the most bang for your buck.

If your facial muscle tone isn’t much of a concern, their Studio Workouts are a luxurious addition to the list of pamper treatments for special occasions like prom, birthdays or weddings, particularly if you are going to be photographed or are looking for that super snatched natural base. This is an occasional facial and not necessary to keep up regularly. We think the Signature Skin Reset is the perfect facial to get the best of their firming lifting technology and target dull and congested skin.

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