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Best Gifts for Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Best Gifts for Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Are the ideas of “self-love” and “self-care” cliche? We might agree with that. We also know cliches are cliches for a reason! We will always champion being your biggest and best advocate and lover all year round. So, when Valentine’s Day comes around it serves as an opportunity to do a little extra for yourself – to show up for the parts of you that need that little more tenderness, whether it be mind or body; inwardly or outwardly. We’ve put together a list of special small bits to gift yourself with; because self-love is wholly intentional and profoundly personal.

Eyecare is something that we see less commonly in everyday skincare routines and is widely believed as a step that is more beneficial the older you get. It may be true for the average person that eye creams are for those more indulgent pampering sessions, however, that is the exact reason for this post! The Chanel Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer is a luxury duo set consisting of a roll-on releasing serum which is anti-ageing and packed with a vitamin C complex, as well as a pair of undereye patches that are instantly revitalising. Treat yourself to a luxury eye care system that will give you an immediate awakened look- and feel!

Ambience is everything. When your environment looks and smells the best, your comfort levels increase dramatically. Whether you have plans on Valentine’s Day or not, why not take some time out to love on your space; this could be with a tidy-up, a change of bedding or a quick dust over your surfaces. Whatever you do, end it by lighting the KEM 001Candle, a sensual and uplifting aroma that will fill your space gorgeously. With a perfectly luxurious blend of  Black cherry, Cassis, Rhubarb & Cinnamon, this candle is a warm blend of sweet, spicy and unique notes. Not to mention, this candle will be a stylish and inviting addition to any living space. A must-have for any day of the week, but especially when you want that extra enhancement for your space – you deserve it.

Take your sleeping up a notch with the Beauty Bay Satin Gift Set. It is the perfect set, especially if you want to upgrade and enhance your moments in small ways. It contains a pillowcase, a sleeping eye mask and a scrunchie – all satin. The luxurious satin feel isn’t just gentle on your skin, face and hair, but will give your space an elevated look with its gorgeous rose gold. It’s not called the ultimate bedtime experience for no reason.

Give your lips a refreshing treat with the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil. This bestselling oil is great to add that extra shine and hydration, with the perfect amount of slip and without the stickiness. With up to 10 colours to choose from, you can get a nice sheer tint that will give an added glam to this everyday lip oil. It looks and smells amazing, and is the perfect addition to your lip care. It’s perfect for your handbag and is an all-round no-brainer! The shade below is 01 Honey and is great for everyday use.

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Want the hotel feel without the hotel fee? The Rituals Precious Amber Gift Set is exactly the thing you need. It is a specially selected limited edition collection of mini fragrance sticks, a hand wash, a hand balm and room spray. This set is guaranteed to take your space up several notches with its inviting aromas of juniper and fresh cardamom, as well as a “spicy heart mingled with opulent ylang-ylang, followed by the addition of patchouli, vetiver, and rich amber notes”. We love giving our surroundings a much-needed uplift, and this is exactly the set to do just that!

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