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How To Keep Your Glow All Winter

How To Keep Your Glow All Winter

Your winter skincare routine starts the night before. This is the key to maintaining a deeply moisturised, long-lasting glow. We all know how frustrating it can be to deal with dull skin once the weather changes and moisture begins to leave the atmosphere, but you don’t have to fall victim to the effects of the winter climate this year. 

To maintain perfect skin, start with exfoliation, best done at nighttime, to allow your skin to recover from any potential redness or irritation and repair its barrier. Removing the old, dry layers of skin overnight and locking moisture into your fresh skin with saturated, collagen-boosting products will improve your skin’s elasticity, keep wrinkles at bay and enhance your complexion. 

As fun as it would be, you don’t have to break the bank on a sunny holiday this winter to achieve flawless, tan skin that’ll fade over the Autumn months. All you need is a comprehensive routine comprising the best exfoliant, serum, sealant and shimmer product to bring out the best in your skin.

It can be challenging to identify precisely what will work for your skin, whether it be dry, oily or a combination but look no further – we’ve got you! We’ve created the 4-step, universal, winter skincare glow-boosting routine guaranteed to combat dull, dry and flaky skin and boost that summery glow. These steps can be easily incorporated into your usual skincare routine to get that extra flawless glow.

Step 1: Exfoliant

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: Remember when we said your glowy skincare routine starts the night before? Well, this cult classic is the perfect place to begin. It’s a chemical exfoliant formulated with both AHAs and BHAs (see more on these in our post on “Your Guide to AHA’s, BHA’s & PHAs’) which remove built-up dry skin on the surface and penetrates deep into the pores to eliminate dead skin cells. Even better, if you’re not quite ready to commit to the full-size bottle, they have a 30ml mini for £11. This super-affordable option offers quality and the perfect amount to get you through the harshest winter months. This one packs a punch, so experiment cautiously between daily and weekly use.

Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial: Our first introduction of vitamin C, a mighty antioxidant important in inhibiting melanin synthesis to fight hyperpigmentation. This mask combines vitamin c and tiny, physically exfoliating beads to improve skin tone. We like to work it into the skin 3 times a week after cleansing, right before stepping into the shower and allowing it to sit on the skin for 15 minutes. Rinse it off once out with cold refreshing water to reveal a fresh face. 

Pro Tip: Forever-young celebs such as Pharell and Naomi Campbell cleanse with cold water to maintain their natural oils, which are stripped away with hot water.

This little gem is worth every cent for those who struggle to get out of bed during winter mornings as its transformative effects are fast acting; it’s the best early morning pick me up for the skin.

Step 2: Serum

KEM Hydraglow Serum: We all seek ways to increase our skin’s hydration this time of year. Aside from increasing your water intake, applying a hydrating face serum helps to bring moisture to your skin’s upper layers. The first product in our very own Brighten & Glow Duo works to strengthen and repair the skin’s barrier using fast absorbing, humectant moisturiser and peptides, which promote collagen production. And the best part is that it is suitable for all skin types.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum: Our second vitamin c infusion to increase our intake of the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is vital to plumping and refreshing the skin. Consistent use is critical, so apply daily morning and night after cleansing. This extra step preps the face to absorb a layer of moisturiser and brightens the skin for the day, but it helps to create a glass-like effect over time. This luxurious product is effective not only for the skin but for the mind. Investing in quality ingredients for your beauty routine helps to combat the low mood we can all experience as it gets darker outside. Remind yourself you’re worth it!

Step 3: Sealant 

KEM Ultra-Glow Facial Oil: The American Academy of Dermatology Association highlight the importance of moisturising immediately after cleansing with an ointment or cream with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin to trap in much-needed moisture. We like to take it a step further and seal the moisture in. 2/2 of our brighten and glow duo is infused with nourishing avocado and broccoli seed oils. These essential skin superfoods promote cellular generation and turnover, meaning a fresh layer of bright, scar-free skin is exposed with continual usage.

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The Inky List Rosehip Seed Oil: We’ve all experienced the kind of dry skin that never goes away. No matter how much moisturiser we use, there always seems to be an ashy residue. The rosehip seed oil is the key to keeping your skin silky all day long, even in the harshest cold. The unique feature of this oil is its anti-ash powers. It contains a beautiful orange hue which mimics a sun-kissed glow and, like a filter, immediately saturates any skin it touches. But this magical product doesn’t only help dry skin; it’s a game changer for oily skin as well. It contains linoleic acid, which regulates oil production for blemish-prone skin without clogging your pores, and improves post-inflammatory tone and texture. This one belongs in everyone’s skincare routine.

Step 4: Shimmer

Tanologist Face and Body Drops: Our final step is the implementation of a shimmer product, your shortcut to enhancing that glow, even if your skin doesn’t like to cooperate! Fake tan isn’t just for light skin, your legs, or the summertime. Blur imperfections such as hyperpigmentation and unevenness, the appearance of which tends to be exacerbated in the wintertime. This bronze tanning oil develops over 4-6 hours, so apply to the face (and don’t forget the hairline!) before bed and wash it in the morning for a gradual, natural foundation-like effect. It comes in 4 shades of light, medium, dark and extra dark, so it is perfect for everyone.

Pro Tip: Create a similar effect by mixing your sealant oil with a swatch of a bronze, shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on the back of your hand before applying. Another quick fix that’s super useful if you don’t have time to tan in the evening. Trust us, it’s gorgeous under makeup or on bare skin.

Pacifica Dreamlit Glow Undereye Brightener: Whether you’re dealing with genetic under-eye darkness or darkness exaggerated by the loss of melanin in the rest of your face over winter, this product contains vegan collagen and vitamin e, which provides a clean glow for the under eyes to finish off your winter glow routine. This product’s plumping, lifting and filling effect is an undereye filler in a bottle. Apply 2 thin layers under your eyes with the wand to ideally target dark, puffy circles with reflective, brightening minerals that create a subtle, iridescent sheen. This is the perfect product for those no-makeup days to ensure your skin is at its best.

Add these steps to your usual cleansing and moisturising routine, and you’re guaranteed to see an elevation in the appearance of your skin all winter long!

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