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Spotlight: A Better Balm.

Spotlight: A Better Balm.

Why you need the KEM Melt-it Cleansing Balm!

Cleansing balms are growing in popularity due to their amazing cleansing power; they can remove layers of makeup, SPF and impurities whilst leaving skin feeling clean and nourished. They’re heavier than a cleansing oil which is great as they prevent the skin from becoming too dry; balms keep your skin hydrated, perfect for this time of year.

As you know, our product offerings here at KEM are always created with you in mind, and we’ve created the perfect cleansing balm for you. The Melt-it Cleansing Balm is one that truly packs a punch. It’s a powerful and hardworking balm enriched with vitamins and nutrients at a price point that its competitors can’t match.

The Melt-it Cleansing balm is made up of a combination of luxurious oils that softens and brightens your skin. The cucumber seed oil alongside meadowfoam oil reinforces the skin barrier by strengthening the lipid barrier and sealing in moisture. This means you won’t have to worry about your face feeling taut, but it also doesn’t leave an uncomfortable greasy slip that feels like a film on top of your skin. Calendula oil is soothing, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory which is useful for people with sensitive skin or who often break out. Broccoli seed oil is high in fatty acids encouraging cell turnover and exposing your radiant skin. The skin is conditioned with Papaya oil, it works at dissolving excess sebum and gently removes dead skin cells. Despite containing multiple oils, once rinsed off you are left with no oil residue, just soft and supple skin.

How to use:

Massage a pea-sized amount into dry skin then wet your fingertips and massage water into the skin to create a milky lather. As with most cleansing balms, the Melt-it Balm is perfect for double cleansing, use it to melt away your makeup and follow up with one of KEM’s liquid cleansers. KEM Melt-it Cleansing Balm is proof that you don’t need to spend too much or use too much to take care of your skin!

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