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Kem for Men

Kem for Men

First and foremost, allow us to state the obvious, men have skin. Many women are privy to the nuisance that is the men in their life using their skin care products, even if they don’t know the benefits. However, most of them are just happy to be using the products that you use, that leaves your skin clean and supple.

We think information around skincare is where – not all – but some men tend to feel overwhelmed.

There is also an element of self-care that we believe men want to indulge in too. Although there is a broad perception of men applying skincare in an unceremonious way, completing a complete skincare routine can be therapeutic for anyone. Taking time out of your day to love your skin is a necessity that men can benefit from. Our ‘Kem For Men’ campaign aims to demystify to men what it means to look after your skin properly. We have always aimed to include everyone and anyone into conversations about skin(care); this is the sentiment at the epicentre of ‘Kem for Men’. Not to mention, presenting a complete step-by-step routine that is reliable, fuss-free and highly effective.

The transition from our former name, Kem Beauty to now Kem was heavily inspired by the relationship – or in some cases lack thereof – between men and skincare. We understood that the use of beauty in our brand name could act as a deterrent for men and non-binary people who may have felt that they could not indulge in our products. As a brand and a community, we share a realistic approach to beauty and personal care where the only requirement is to – quite literally – come as you are.

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It can be easy to overlook your skincare routine, it may feel excessive to even have one but, essentially, it’s just another form of personal maintenance. It doesn’t need to be extensive it just needs to be intentional and effective for you and your skin. The top three essential products that every skincare routine needs are a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF. This simple routine is enough for some, but if you find that your skin needs a little more TLC you may benefit from indulging in serums, toners, exfoliators and masks. This may seem like a lot to consider so we’ve introduced our Kem Skin Quiz that does all the hard work, so you don’t have to. It provides personalised product recommendations and advice for your particular skin journey and concerns, all you have to do is answer a few quick and easy questions. Find it on our website or click here:

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