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Black History Month ’22: Spotlight

Black History Month ’22: Spotlight

This Black History Month, we’re spotlighting five brands that we love. Their love for their community, paired with their individuality and unique offerings bid them as changemakers of today. The Kem Blog is a space where we champion them; Black History Month and beyond.


Plantmade is a natural plant-powered hair brand looking to ‘make an actual difference in you and the planet.’ It was founded by Ama Amo-Agyei after looking into wellness practices from Africa and Asia to create solutions for herself. She then went on to create blends for her friends and family, they saw results and the rest is history. Plantmade products aid with a range of hair issues such as alopecia, balding, thinning, patchy beard and no growth. They even have products for simple matters such as a lack of routine. Plantmade is for ‘everyone, all genders and hair types.’ Their products are so popular they sell out frequently, so restock day is major for Plantmade fans. We would keep an eye out for Soil- hair/beard souffle as it appears to be a favourite; reviews state that. hair is ‘healthier’ and ‘stronger’. The product smells ‘divine’ and feels ‘so soft and smooth.’


For those looking to try a new sport, climbing is a great one to venture into. CLMBXR was founded in 2019 by Rotimi Odukoya; ‘it has grown from a WhatsApp group to a community of over 100 exploring different climbing walls across London.’ Climbers of all abilities meet twice a week at specific locations. Their Instagram not only shows off their talents but also how this community of black climbers enjoy each other’s company and support each other.

The Stack World

The Stack World is a platform ‘for the women’s creator economy to buy and sell from each other.’ The Stack’s goal is to give its members the tools to earn more; it helps women do this by allowing them to create communities to support each other through ‘coaching, workshops, entertainment or advice.’ The Stack World was born from the lessons founder Sharmadean Reid learnt in her years in business. The more she grew the more she realised ‘the gulf between the opportunities, the respect and funding between men and women.’ Her hard work led to the formation of the notable WAH Nails; despite her success, she found the business world did not take women seriously enough. The Stack World is her way of supporting women to become their best selves. You can sign up for The Stack World membership and start communities, join communities, and attend in-person events.

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‘An accessories brand with diasporic influence’; designed and curated by Rochella and Lizzie, Kionii’s aim is for customers to feel ‘connected to their self.’ Kionii has a range of popular country pendants that make you feel at home and ensure you represent your country in style. In 2020 the Kionii Foundation was launched, their aim is ‘to fight against acts of violence and injustice, creating a space for Black creatives and focusing on Black joy and celebrations.’ Throughout their Instagram, you can see the love and support between the Black community expressed through the joy of accessorising.

Treasure Tress

Black women and girls with textured hair are lucky enough to have Treasure Tress to discover all the natural hair products that may be out there. Treasure Tress is a subscription-based natural hair product discovery box. Each month you receive a box filled with full-sized products ‘curated to give your locks a boost and your spirit a lift.’ Founder, Jamelia Donaldson, has not just stopped at product offerings, but has evolved Treasure Tress into a ‘leading online and offline safe space for Black women led by Black women.’ They host offline spaces to ensure Black women and girls feel appreciated such as Afternoon Tea for Mini-Me’s, a Teen experience, an annual birthday pop-up experience and more! These events allow for women and girls to learn more about themselves, to be given tools to help develop themselves, and for a safe space for conversations around being black; all whilst taking part in activities that are both inclusive and enjoyable.

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