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Hydra Daze to Night Shift

Hydra Daze to Night Shift

“Why does my moisturiser leave me looking and feeling greasy?”, “Are night creams still in?”,  “Is my moisturiser really as effective as it says it is?”.

Great moisturisers feel as though they are few and far between. Some daytime moisturisers feel as though they just sit on the skin, causing your skin to feel clogged up and not hydrated. Additionally products targeted to your evening routine can feel like just another gimmick without doing the work they claim to do. While there is heaps of choice on the market, a lot of us still haven’t found exactly what our skin loves. Well, until now. Because now you can wave goodbye to moisturisers that don’t work hard enough for you and say hello to effective moisturisers that do. We’re introducing our day and night moisturiser duo, Hydra Daze and Night Shift – our most requested and highly-anticipated product release to date. 

Picking the best daytime moisturiser that will help you show up in the best light can be a disheartening feat of trial and error. We’ve all been there: hearing raving reviews about a particular day cream that is seemingly perfect, be it for a certain skin type or skin concern. You’ve then been moved by the glowing reports to see what all the fuss is about and dare to even be excited; this could be the product to solve all your problems – and it doesn’t. Your expectations have fallen flat yet again and you now have to commit to having a daily moisturiser that you do not love, doesn’t add to your routine and makes you look flat.

Our community shared these stories with us time and time again and we decided to do something about it. Hydra Daze is like the sweetest love song to your skin. Non-greasy or tacky, Hydra Daze is water-based making it deeply hydrating, while strengthening and repairing the skin barrier. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce skin redness, irritation, and swelling to treat blemish prone skin.  Not to mention, its soothing and cooling properties mean it is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is a rich, but light moisturiser that improves textural issues through conditioning the skin and loving it back to life. Dull skin is no match for Hydra Daze, its ability to bring forth a radiant glow from your skin is second to none. Did we mention that it serves as a seamless and cushiony base for makeup and foundation too? There is nothing not to love.

If Hydra Daze is everything your skin needs in the daytime, Night Shift is equally the perfect accompaniment to your evening skincare routine. Why do you need two separate moisturisers for the daytime and nighttime, you ask? Because your skin needs slightly different things at different points of the day. During the evening our body goes through a regeneration process, where it heals, and repairs itself ahead of the new day. Based on this, Night Shift contains more active products (AHA’s), so that you have a product that is working in conjunction with your body to work its hardest. Night Shift is a rich, emollient, intensive treatment that produces real results where you need it most. People who have found the perfect night cream swear by it, and maintain religiously followed skincare routines before they wind down, to wake up with an immaculate and unmatched glow. We would place Night Shift firmly in that category. It is a standalone treatment and in line with our ethos; it does for you what three or four separate products would do. This proves how effective it is, not just cost-wise; but with regards to efficiency too because, let’s face it – not everyone is in to (or has the time or patience) for a 6-step evening routine. 

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Both moisturisers are super easy to use. In the daytime, simply apply Hydra Daze after cleansing and toning. For extra hydration, use Hydra Daze after applying our Hydra Glow Serum, both work seamlessly in conjunction with one another to provide you with plump, immensely hydrated and conditioned skin. Night Shift is best applied before bed as the last step. Do not combine with any other active ingredients unless instructed otherwise by a dermatologist or aesthetician. It is suitable for use up to three times a week. Your skin stands to be brighter, even and smoother through this anti-ageing, exfoliating and hard-working nighttime treatment.

We’ve made finding the perfect moisturising accompaniment to your day and nighttime routine plain sailing with Hydra Daze and Night Shift. They flawlessly complement and perfect your routines through their respective properties that visibly improve your skin’s appearance. These moisturisers are infallible but don’t just take our word for it – shop our brand new moisturisers now here.

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