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Guide to What’s New.

Guide to What’s New.

We believe in doing better all the time. For us, a major way this is made tangible is through being transparent with our community every step of the way. Through taking some time away to reformulate things for the better, for you, we assessed what things worked, and which areas we could dedicate more love and attention to, to make our offerings as fail-proof as we know they can be. Here are some of those changes and what to expect, particularly with our products and formulations, with this new KEM.  

Cosmetically, our most noteworthy change is our brand new packaging. Our elevated casing serves as the perfect home not only for our classic, best-selling formulas but also for the carefully formulated new additions to our family of products. Our considerations we’re not solely aesthetic-driven; we have all P.E.T packaging that is leak-proof, tighter, fully recycled and with no metal or glass. This way, our formulas are more stable with bottles that do not allow light into the products, thus increasing their efficacy and the way our offerings work for you. What’s more, our serum pumps are now airless to reduce contamination. The serum and bottle pumps we’ve chosen also come in handy with our brand-new refill system, meaning once you’ve come to the end of your KEM product, you can simply buy a refill pouch and replace it. Our goal is to be more sustainable, therefore we wanted to explore packaging that is more sustainable. It was important to us that our considerations every step of the way were reflective of how we are doing our part as a company. 

Our website and visuals have also undergone a refreshing; with the faces of our brand online being a reflection of the faces offline, too. For our KEM gents, we have heard the questions and concerns. So to our male shoppers, we are dispelling this myth once and for all; KEM is for everybody! It is our delight and honour to be a part of anyone’s journey in becoming a bit better every day, despite age, gender, ability, race or preference. Our premier aim is to bring out the best in all who chose KEM for their personal care.

Product and formulation-wise, we have upgraded our bestselling KEM products that you know and love, so that they are working harder than ever to produce the results you want, no matter where you are in your skincare journey. As well as this, we have exciting and highly anticipated new releases; our Hydra Daze Daytime Moisturiser and our Night Shift Nighttime Treatment. Here are some changes and what’s new:

  • Our Superskin Cleanser has been perfected and formulated as a bi-phase formula, meaning it has an oil phase and an aqueous phase. This is the same Superskin Cleanser you know and love, just with a fine-tuned formula, meaning it will do more for you to help tackle your skin concerns. 
  • The Super Skin Exfoliant now contains 2% mandelic acid, which is a gentle AHA that drastically improves the look of uneven skin, as well as combatting the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Where our aim is to be intentional in releasing products and having a more sustainable approach, we did not want to introduce a mandelic acid toner on its own, so we decided to incorporate it into a product that we already have and that is already well-loved, that will take it up a notch and improve its overall performance. It still has azelaic acid, salicylic acid and lactic acid, so it is still great for combatting acne and those stubborn flare-ups. 
  • The Balance Cleanser no longer contains green tea, however, it has more hydrating ingredients to truly make it an every day, balancing, daily face wash. 
  • Our cult-favourite Green Clay Mask now has more of a jelly-like consistency due to it now being able to hold more water and being deeply hydrating, with more humectants and hydrating properties in it- which we love. At every step of your KEM routine, we want your skin to feel replenished and refreshed, rather than stripped and taut.
  • Our brand new Hydra Daze moisturiser is super moisturising, hydrating and conditioning, as well as being emollient, giving you all-day softness and hydration without you having to worry about dryness or tightness as you go through your day. We have a blend of proteins, peptides and amino acids, not to mention hydrating ingredients such as panthenol, honey, and aloe for hydration and suppleness. 
  • Still on new releases, our Night Shift night-time moisturiser treatment is hardworking, deeply conditioning, and skin repairing. It is your go-to for skin repair as you sleep and to brighten dark marks.
  • The Hydra Glow Serum is back! We have added panthenol, polyglutamine acid, and conditioning properties to this cream-to-gel formula. It has peptides that work synergistically to restore the skin’s appearance and encourage the skin to produce more collagen. In short, the Hydra Glow Serum has been improved to increase the skin’s plumpness and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and textural concerns with this deep level of hydration.

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We understand the above may have sounded like a lot of skincare jargon, and while we want you to be in the know regarding the changes we’ve implemented on an ingredient-level, it is equally as important for us to drive home to our Kemmunity that these changes go hand-in-hand with our intentionality in serving the people who trust us with their personal care. We are more than a beauty brand, but a brand that seeks to fit into, and become a necessity, to the lifestyle and day-to-day of the people that shop with us time and time again. From our fine-tuning our brand ethos and mission statement to our new tagline – a bit better every day – we don’t just want our change to be in words or empty gestures, but to elevate our standing in the lives of you, our patrons, and in turn, elevate your approach to beauty and skin – daily. It is our deep desire that you not only share in our vision but to actively participate in it to realise a better version of yourself one day at a time.

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