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Introducing, KEM.

Introducing, KEM.

A bit better every day. We, KEM (formally known as Kem Beauty), hold and have always held this belief as one of our core values. We are intentional in ensuring that it presents itself in all that we do and in all of our offerings. Over the past 7 months, we have been on a journey to redefine and establish who we are and what we can offer you as our community. We have built a community of almost 10,000 people proud to be a part of our journey. 

We’ve been a brand for five years, and have been actively trading for three. Essentially, many of the things we needed to do required us to bide our time. Our priority at the onset was building community, and trust therein. Our focus was on building and building well. This meant doing the extra work to ensure our formulas were sustainable, consistent and hard-working, a cause worthy of us concentrating our time and resources into. Not to mention the rate of growth and the quality of our team has grown from our beginning when we essentially did not have a team that functions as efficiently and seamlessly as it does now. All growth is good growth, however, if an entity expands beyond itself too quickly without the necessary environment in place, there is the worry that its rapid growth can become its own stumbling block. Now, have a team of dedicated women and men who are committed to making sure that the brand and the products are everything our community needs and more. 

Being a personal care startup in this economy is a beautiful challenge; there are many other great personal care brands, therefore the challenge sets in when formulating offerings that are unique, that personally appeal to our community, that are reliable and that hold a safe space for people. Not having a brick-and-mortar store can add to the difficulty in achieving these things, but we’d like to believe that we have managed to realise this by rising to the challenge each and every day, for you, in all our activities – both seemingly insignificant and mundane, to noteworthy and monumental feats. As a brand that has premium offerings, we want to give our community the best that we can; offering better packaging, better customer experience and a better space for you to exist. Although it has been far from easy for the team collectively and individually, we draw inspiration from our beautiful and necessary community. We decide to show up as our best selves in order to help our community to do the same.

As you have likely seen on our socials KEM, is going through a rebirthing phase in all elements of our brand. A major turn point in this was changing our name to KEM. We want to be more than a beauty brand, which we felt was limiting. Our intention remains the same; to be the go-to brand for personal care products that work and to upgrade beauty routines daily. We want to delve into different elements and aspects of personal care, and we won’t stop until KEM constitutes your entire routine, with products intentionally created for you. We have a new look, a new feel and a continued commitment to serving our KEM community ‘A bit better every day’. 

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We have always championed loving oneself out loud and making how you show up as yourself become a conscious decision in the minds of our community. We still wholeheartedly stand by this. Our care for our community has been the sole driving force behind implementing the changes that we have. It is our absolute delight to have you experience all the new things we are doing here at KEM. To our community, here and growing, we are grateful to have you on the journey.

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