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Best Facial Moisturisers for Hydration 2022

Best Facial Moisturisers for Hydration 2022

Do you have a moisturiser that you swear by? It’s hard to know which moisturiser is right for you, especially if you are living in a climate that is quite dry and requires whatever you use on your skin to be heavy duty. This can be a double task if you suffer from dry skin. Or perhaps you have oily skin and have been led to believe that moisturising will only make your skin more oily (this is false!). As always, no matter your skin type or the climate you reside in, we’re here to guide you in how best to look after the skin you’ve been blessed with and share with you some of our best recommendations. 

Moisturiser will always be a key step in any routine, be it skin, hair or body. This step helps us to retain a good level of lubrication and elasticity and rids us of dryness, brittleness and the general discomfort that comes with a lack of moisture. When we moisturise our skin, we are aiding our skin in creating a barrier against our surroundings and also to help retain the moisture already present. Not to mention – the anti-ageing benefits. Skin that lacks moisture is skin that will succumb to the signs of ageing faster. Of course, nature will always take its course, however depending on how often you moisturise and what vitamins and minerals your moisturiser contain, you can significantly slow this natural process down. After all, who doesn’t want younger looking skin for as long as possible? We sure do!

Our skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis (the outermost layer), the Dermis, (the middle layer) and the Hypodermis (the bottom or fatty layer). Moisturising mostly helps the Epidermis, however, the strength and quality of your moisturiser can allow for it to penetrate deeper into the dermis. When you moisturise also can aid this. For example, straight out of the shower is the best time to moisturise as, one: your skin is still damp and the moisturiser can help lock in some of that moisture, and two: your pores are still “open” from the steam and heat from your shower.

There are four main ingredients in moisturisers: Water, which serves to emulsify with Occlusives,(oily substances such as petroleum), that block water evaporation, Humectants, which allow for moisture to be pulled from the environment as well as deeper layers of the skin and Emollients, which give you that smooth feel. All these – as well as a cocktail of other vitamins and ingredients – work together to make your moisturiser as hardworking as it is. Without one, moisturisers are less effective. Examples of how this poor quality manifests are your moisturiser not being long-lasting on the skin, or it being overly oily without actually adding moisture or plumpness. 

As we mentioned before, the best time to moisturise would be after you come out of the shower. It is important for us to restore the moisture back into our skin when we shower as the hot water we use to shower can dry out and strip our skin of moisture through evaporation. Make sure to moisturise soon after otherwise, the moisturiser will be less effective if applied over dry skin. Apply a generous amount to the area you want to moisturise and moisturise the skin in a circular motion. When moisturising the face, a pro tip is to moisturise the skin in an upward motion, so as to counteract gravity in “face-drooping” over time. Whether this is a proven fact or an old wives tale, at the very least you’ll be giving yourself a nice lymphatic massage and a subtle facelift as you moisturise. 

KB Favourites:

Weleda Skin Food  is a multiple award-winning moisturiser that claims to be “deeply penetrating” and, apparently, a celebrity favourite! It is an intensely rich cream that contains ingredients such as organic sunflower seed oil and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and revitalising rosemary. It also contains essential oils like sweet orange and lavender, so if you have sensitive skin it may be best to find an alternative with less fragrance.

CeraVe Moisturising Cream – Perfect for dry skin, CeraVe Moisturising Cream delivers a “surge of much-needed hydration” through its rich formula containing ceramides and Hyaluronic acid. Developed by dermatologists, this moisturiser uses special technology which slowly releases the ingredients for 24-hour moisture and hydration. This is perfect if you live in a dryer climate and need all-round protection on the go. 

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base – a GOAT in the moisturiser world! So many people love this moisturiser and for good reason. It contains Vitamins B,C and E, Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter, ingredients guaranteed to give you a healthy and plump glow. It also contains grapefruit and geranium which help to give you a boost of nourishment. Not to mention it was formulated to work perfectly as a base for makeup. Makeup artists and skincare critics alike love this moisturiser and it’s a Bobbi Brown  #1 Best Seller. 

The La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Face and Body Balm is a multi-purpose balm if we ever did see one! This dermatologically tested balm claims to be great for a number of skin issues such as: Chapped and cracked skin, dry or rough patches, rashes (including nappy rash on babies), minor injuries eg. scrapes and grazes, eczema flare-ups, irritated skin, insect bites and even new tattoos. Containing 5% panthenol and antibacterial properties, it serves as great protection against infections. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin and skin that is prone to the issues listed above. A great balm to have in your collection and perfect for the whole family, it’s a no-brainer!

With this post, we hope we have shed some light on the importance of moisturising and the many benefits it can have for your skin. It is important to know how your skin reacts with certain ingredients in order to pick a moisturiser that is perfect for you. If you are still stuck on what will work best for you, take a look at some of the ingredients in the products that you love and find moisturisers which some of these same ingredients, this will boost the chances of your skin equally loving it!

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