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Best Fragrances For Fall/Autumn 2021

Best Fragrances For Fall/Autumn 2021

POV. 19:33. You’re outside and there is a slightly crisper breeze in the evening air that calls for a jacket, but not quite a coat. Advertisements of Halloween creep onto our screens and supermarkets then it dawns on you, Autumn is here.

It is a bittersweet goodbye to summer and suddenly you’re excited for freshly baked pastries, the sweet smell of vanilla from coffee shops wafting in the cold air, leather boots and warm seasonal drinks from your favourite coffee shop. As well as the fall coming with a certain ambience and mood, the scents of the season heavily contribute to this mood.  With the gradual phasing out of the previous season, we love to slowly transition our aura and environment. Much of this is to do with our olfactory senses, so we’re here to tell you the scents we are introducing into our days (and nights!) this season to accompany the grunge and deciduousness that comes with Autumn.

If you were to put Autumn into scents it would include aromatic gingers, hints of balmy vanilla, warm smokey woody notes, specks of black pepper and spice, to mention but a few. It is a transition from the bright and fresh floral scents that accompany the spriteliness of spring and summertime. In order to settle into the season, we feel corresponding our scents is a right of passage for the changing seasons. Here is a collection of some of our favourite scents this Autumn:

Mancera Coco De Vanille eau du parfum

  • Top notes: Coconut
  • Heart notes: Ylang-ylang, tiare flowers, Egyptian jasmine
  • Base notes: Woody notes, vanilla, white musk

This scent smells like warmth. Imagine readjusting your scarf and the smell of warm vanilla with touches of sweet ylang-ylang, mixed with the heat of your body wafts to your nostrils. The woody notes balance the sweetness of this perfume and make it the perfect warm winter scent.

Huda Beauty Kayali Invite Only Amber

  • Top notes: Black cherry, Honey de Provence, Tobacco leaf, Chocolate hazelnut accord
  • Mid notes: Rose centifolia absolute, Rose Damascena, Citrus leaf
  • Base notes: Oud oil, Cypriol, Firmenich musks, Amber resin, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

A deep and alluring scent: this dark and musky scent reminds us both of comfortable evenings at home and crisp winter evenings in the city at the same time. The top notes of Honey, Hazelnut and Tobacco are rich and audacious but the mid notes of citrus and base notes of oud, amber resin and patchouli are grounding and familiar. Making this a sexy mature scent perfect for autumn evenings and nights.

Bal d’Afrique

  • Top notes: African Marigold, Bergamot, Bucchu, Amalfi Lemon, Tagetes, Black Currant,
  • Heart notes: Cyclamen, Violet
  • Base notes: Moroccan Cedarwood, Vetiver

This long-lasting indulgent fruity scent is for those who like to take the light and warmth of summer with them into the Autumn season. The exotic notes make this a staple for any season but transcend well into the autumnal months for a bright, sweet, and vibrant scent.

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Eau de Toilette

  • Top notes: Clove Oil, Pink Pepper, Orange flower petals.
  • Heart notes: Chestnut accord, Gaiic wood oil.
  • Base notes: Vanilla accord, Cashmeran.

This scent smells like home and familiarity. Deep and comforting, this sweet-spicy scent is perfect for a stand out different scent in your collection. The contrast of the pink pepper and chestnut notes remind us of the warmth of home. A personal favourite for this season, and perfect for layering.

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Kilian Angels Share

  • Top notes: Cognac
  • Heart notes: Hazelnut
  • Base notes: Oakwood

This cocktail stars liquor-derived essence of cognac, cognac oil and oak absolute all wrapped around sweeter notes of cinnamon essence and tonka bean absolute finished with a delicate trio of sandalwood, praline and vanilla. A nod to the syrupy sweetness of alcohol and the heady wood of cognac barrels, this multifaceted and androgynous fragrance will enhance and intoxicate come day or night.

If the above scents are not notes you would usually reach for, we believe a good scent is able to do so much when it comes to mood elevation and confidence. As we know, the days getting shorter and darker can be a different time for many people, and can take its toll mentally. So where the weather can easily have us feeling lower than usual, why not treat yourself to a striking new perfume that captures the scents of the season and brings you a splash of positivity and confidence – you deserve it.

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